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How can you support this work financially

MBC does a lot of work in the background. The materials are improved, the trainings are planned and prepared, contact with partner organizations and participants, tne administration and finances, the work involved in meeting the local and national requirements for running the organization, etc. All this behind-the-scenes work must also be done by our team.

Another major bottleneck is that we often work with partners in developing countries who are unable to reimburse the costs incurred by MBC. Usually a solution is found, whereby MBC takes care of the travel costs, costs of the trainers and of the materials, while the partner provides for the local costs (training location, accommodation costs, meals, printing costs, etc.). Various donors and funds have enabled us to meet this need so far.

Donation: With a (one-off or monthly) donation to MBC you support this essential part of the MBC program.

With your donation for a Business Training Center package you can create new opportunities for a country and their local communities. During a period of 3 years you will support a local staff of 3 people in setting up their own business training centre. This includes:

  • Phase 1: The cominig staff and a group of entrepreneurs follow the MBC training. A set of new businesses will start;
  • Phase 2: The staff follows the Training of Trainers (TOT) and Training of Coaches (TOC). The training in the field creates a second group of starting businesses;
  • Phase 3: They learn about the evaluation of Buisiness Plans and a local Business Training Center is created. The team is now able to continue the work for the years to come.

The costs for the local staff are included, but we expect them to cover their own expenses after these 3 years: by paying for the training provided, and if necessary support through funds or donations.

Donation: Phase 1: XXXXX Phase 2: XXX Phase 3: XXX Total:XXXX

With your donation, a group of micro-businesses can start. Businesses financed by a loan for the potential entrepreneurs, who have followed the GYB and SYB training. The trainings are given by MBC trainers, together with the new local trainers during their practical experience in the field. The donation is used as a revolving fund: loans for start-ups will be repaid and can be reused. The amount needed for the start-up business varies by country and the type of business. If you would like to donate for a specific business, please contact MBC or the local partner.

Donation XXXX-JJJJ

With your financial support you enable a person to go through the entire process (phase 1, 2 and 3) to become one of the full-time employees for training and coaching (new) entrepreneurs. After a period of 3 years, this person will be part of the Business Training Center in his or her country. This donation includes the costs of being part of the staff, the costs of the training and the travel and accommodation costs during the training sessions in the field. If you would like to support through a recurring donation, please contact MBC or the local partner.

The costs per staff member for a period of 3 years are XXXXX or xxxx per month

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