Partnership With MBC

Would you like to contribute in breaking the cycle of poverty and to give socially disadvantaged people a new perspective for the future? Do you lack the experience and skills to shape this in a way that fits within the relevant culture? Together with your team or organisation, MBC can create new opportunities for micro-enterprises in the area where you are operating.

MBC has developed an approach and accompanying course material that is widely applicable. This development started in the slums in the Philippines. Cooperation with organizations and local groups is expanded to Egypt, Hungary, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Georgia. Expension to other countries is expected to follow soon. Together with the local organization, we examine what is needed to create their own Business Training Center.

Together we can do more…

The MBC Foundation aims to set up a network of organisations, that is committed to create micro-businesses in developing countries. This partnership relates to the countries in which we feel involved together with our partners, and where MBC’s knowledge and expertise can be used. In addition, we are always looking for possible sponsors or donors as part of this network.

There are several ways we can work together…

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International Partners

Business Training Center in partner areas

A collaboration with partner organizations in projects where both MBC and the involved partner contribute their strengths. MBC and the partner organization contribute both resources (money and people). The partners often already have activities in the country, or work together with a local team. Employees of the partner organization participate in the workgroup, so that focus and involvement involvement are guaranteed. They have the primary responsibility for all matters related to their projects and maintain contact with local organizations and churches.

  • Project team consists of employees of MBC and the partner organization.
  • Agreements are made about the financial model. This depends on the relevant partner organization.

Use of MBC Expertise

Recovery after tyfoon, together with Dorcas

MBC can be “hired” by other organizations as an expert in establishing a Business Training Center for creating micro-businesses, providing trainings, reviewing business plans and coaching new businesses. The ultimate goal is an independently functioning Business Training Center on location. MBC brings in the knowledge, the materials, provides the training and supervises the process. The partner organization is responsible for providing people (including future staff), finances and facilities.

  • A project assignment, in which the various tasks and roles are defined for a certain fee.

Local partners

CCT working in the slums of Manilla

Is your organization established or active in developing the country and are you looking for new types of services in your environment? Then you can use the resources and expertise of MBC and its partners. MBC can work with you to determine if a Business Training Center can be set up, which you will run yourself after a training and coaching period. MBC has the materials available for this. Together with you, we will examine to what extent this can be financed from a contribution on your part, combined with certain funds or donations.

  • A project assignment, in which the various tasks and roles are defined for a certain fee.
  • Agreements are made about the financial model, depending on the turning capacity.

International Partners: Good Neighbors – Compassion

Using MBC expertise: CBM – Tying Vines – Dorcas Nederland

Local partners: PhilRads Filipijnen – PLDT Philippines – TBDG Tadzjikistan – MINA Mongolia – Life Vision Egypt – MBC4YOU Philippines – CIC Georgia – Dorcas Ministries Hongarije – CCT Philippines

Funds: Vastenaktie – Cordaid – St. Antwoord – Anonymus donors

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